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  • Andalusia to abolish inheritance tax in 2019


    The wind of (positive) change is blowing in Andalusia. This autonomous Spanish region has been for the last 40 years “famous” by its very high inheritance tax. This is going to change in 2019. Andalusia’s center-left wing party ..

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  • Pet owner warning: ‘Killer’ caterpillar chains spotted in Spain


    Dangerous caterpillars that can be lethal to pets and harmful to humans have been sighted on the move in their distinctive nose-to-tail chains in Spain. The pine processionary caterpillars have an orange-brown colour and blue bands and have b..

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  • EHIC no substitute for travel insurance


    In light of the hordes of skiers and snowboarders heading to the slopes this winter, comparison website GoCompare has conducted research with some worrying results: namely, that many UK-citizens do not fully understand what benefits a European He..

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  • Car registration in another EU country – Portugal


    Registration As an EU national moving to Portugal, you must register your car if you are the holder of the registration certificate, the owner of the vehicle, or a user of a vehicle you do not own (e.g. a family member). As an EU national moving ..

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  • New speed limits now in force in Spain


    As of 29 January, new maximum permitted speed limits came into force on certain roads in Spain. This is the first in a wave of reforms intended on reducing the number of injury and fatal incidents on the roads and is effective on some 7,000 k..

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  • Road Deaths increase during 2018 in Portugal


    Data from the National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) indicate that 513 people died in road accidents in 2018, three more than in 2017, registering a rise for the second consecutive year in the number of deaths. The Minister of Internal Adminis..

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