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  • How to drive in a roundabout in Spain


    Advice from Dirección General de Tráfico – October 2014 (translated to English) A roundabout is a special type of intersection where the general rule of priority to the right is replaced in favour of those who are already ..

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  • Ibex sponsor Thundercat at European Championships


    We are proud to sponsor the Broad Bean 17 Thundercat race team at the forthcoming U.I.M. P750 European Championship taking place at Eastern Beach, Gibraltar from 1 to 5 October. Pilot Tom Williams and co-pilot Dom Langdon are born and bred 3rd g..

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  • Two months notice for insurance cancellation in Spain


    Remember if you want to cancel an insurance policy with a Spanish insurer you must notify them in writing at least two months before the due date, otherwise the insurer will have the right to automatically renew the policy and take legal action a..

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  • Re-matriculation to Spanish plates. A quick guide


    The traffic act that came into force on 9th May requires all foreign vehicles to be re matriculated to Spanish plates within 30 days of importation. This means that if you have a car in your name with a European plate which you are going to keep ..

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  • New Traffic Law approved in Spain


    On 20th March 2014 the Spanish government approved the new Road Traffic Act with a number of major changes. These changes came into force 9th May. The key changes are summarised below; • Foreign drivers who are residents in Spain a..

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  • Ibex Insurance to take over David Hills Insurance Agency


    After 25 years service looking after the insurance needs of expats in the Algarve, David Hills is planning to take a well earned rest, enjoy a little more free time and in doing so will hand over the baton of his well established business to Ibex..

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