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  • Size of medical bill for travel insurers rises to £209m


    Travel insurers are now dealing with one new claim every three minutes typically from UK travellers needing emergency medical treatment while overseas. Some 153,000 travellers needed emergency medical treatment abroad last year - equating to ..

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  • Hands-free phone ban for drivers in England & Wales 'should be considered'


    Drivers could be banned from using hands-free mobile phones in England and Wales, a group of MPs has suggested. Current laws give the "misleading impression" that hands-free options are safe, they warned. While it has been illegal to us..

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  • Portuguese roads: the best and the worst


    While one road in Portugal has been voted as the best in Europe for driving, the worst road in Portugal has also been revealed in another study which highlights poor signage and an increase in pedestrian deaths. Portugal´s EN304 may jus..

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  • New car document arrives in Portugal


    ​All new registration cars delivered from today (1/8) onwards are to have a new Single Car Document (DUA) in a simple format that is more "resistant and safe," the justice ministry said. The new DUA, which looks like a citizen's card, will fi..

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  • And Portugal's most dangerous road is..........


    Portugal ‘most dangerous road’ is not the EN125 – despite what Algarvians may think. There are far more scary thoroughfares, most of them in the Lisbon area – the absolute worst of which, connecting the capital with Si..

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  • Calls for reduced toll for residents


    The leaders of Orihuela and Torrevieja have called for a reduced toll on the AP-7 motorway to be available to residents in order to ease congestion on the N-332. The mayors of Torrevieja and Orihuela, Eduardo Dolón and Emilio Bascu&nti..

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